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Exercising when sick: Good or Bad?

Exercise is a healthy habit, and it’s completely normal to want to continue working out even when you’re not feeling okay. Knowing that a fast recovery is always the main objective when one is sick, it can be puzzling to know when it is good to go through with your normal gym routine and when it is best to take a few days off.  

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COVID-19’s immediate strike on the body is immense. It targets the lungs, but a lack of oxygen and extensive inflammation can also damage the kidneys, liver, heart, brain, and other organs. It varies and behaves so differently for many patients. In fact, innumerable seriously ill coronavirus patients who survived are reported to have experienced and are actually still experiencing a wide array of lingering residual symptoms. Thus, for some, getting back to “normal” may demand some extensive health support.

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It is always fun to learn new moves and add new exercises to your workout. Thus, here are 10 jump rope variations that you can learn and use anywhere to make your workouts more effective!

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