It is always fun to learn new moves and add new exercises to your workout. Thus, here are 10 jump rope variations that you can learn and use anywhere to make your workouts more effective!

1. Boxer Step

A classic jump rope exercise that allows you to jump for longer periods at a time, constantly shifting your weight from one side to the other.


2. Side Swing

Gives you the ability to actively rest during your workout. When used with heavy ropes, side swings can also offer an upper-body workout.


3. Mummy Kicks

Fun to learn and easy for beginners.


4. High Knees

A higher-intensity variation of the alternate foot step jump. This exercise will get your heart rate up quickly and give you the ability to do some really effective fat-burning workouts.


5. Single Foot Jumps

Improves your balance, coordination, and ankle strength.


6. Jump Rope Jacks

A fun way to do your basic jumps! This jump rope exercise will improve your coordination. It's also a great exercise to add after you learn the basic jump.


7. Criss Cross

A very popular jump rope exercise which requires a little more time and patience to master. It targets your upper body muscles more effectively.


8. Heel-Toe-Step

Great for footwork and coordination. 


9. Backward Jumps

Backward jumps will improve your coordination and feel for the rope. 


10. Alternate Foot Jumps

One of the most effective and frequently used jump rope exercises. Definitely a go-to exercise for any high-intensity workouts and weight loss fitness challenges.



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