About Strength Fitness & Health

There has never been a better time to get healthy, fit and live your best life. #Staystrong

SFHmagazine was created out of a frustration and desire for REAL fitness content, the stuff that actually helps YOU. Not the latest sex tips, or movie reviews but actionable tips that help you as a human being to keep fit and healthy.

With so much noise and information about the fitness world we’ve taken a totally different approach to creating content that really tells you how it is straight from the mouths of some of the greatest fitness experts and athletes of our generation.

We’ve had the likes of Legendary Greg Plitt, Colin Wayne, Marc Fitt, Obi Obadyke and many more share their experiences and advice on what it takes to truly live a healthy lifestyle and how to get fit in the process.

If you’d like to check our content please go to https://strengthfitnessandhealth.com/ - we’re here to help and serve YOU however we can!

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